Riley Goes to Santa Fe, Plus a Photo Tip

I finished Riley the other day, and since Himself and I were heading up to Santa Fe today to go to the International Folk Art Market, I decided to try to get a project photo somewhere other than against the wall on my front porch. In the end I chose this one, because the shadows on my hand make it look like I’m turning into an alien. (As special effect go, it isn’t exactly Spielbergian, but I’ll take it.) Anyway, never mind that–just look at the sweater!

The Market was absolutely wonderful–a study in the incredible variety of things that human beings  can make with their hands, their imaginations, and an astonishing assortment of materials. And it was a gloriously beautiful day:



But the crowds! The people in the background of this photo might give you some idea:



I don’t know whether I am getting claustrophobic in my old age or what, but I was so packed into a booth of beautiful indigo textiles that I started to feel a bit faint, and had to get out. After some water and a sit-down, Himself and I decided to leave–without the indigo fabric. (After all, I have three pieces of indigo fabric at home that I have so far not mustered the courage to do anything with–and one of them has to be twenty years old!)

It was way too crowded to get a picturesque blog photo, and Himself was starving, so we went to one of our standby restaurants in Santa Fe, Mucho Gusto.

Do you see the problem?

I am not the tidiest eater that God ever made, and I am ordering New Mexican food before I got a picture of poor old Riley! It was highly likely that a significant portion of lunch would end up all over my brand new sweater before she had even had her mug shot taken! It just goes to show how we bloggers sometimes have to think fast.

So here is the photo tip, should you ever find yourself needing to be sure that your post-prandial photo will be salsa-free.

First, avoid the enchiladas and salsalicious hand–held tacos and order these:


They’re called flautas, and they are usually among the least-messy things on the menu. And especially at Mucho Gusto, they are very good.

Then, while you are waiting for your order, quickly go stand against the closest wall you can find where you won’t disturb other diners, and get your photographer to snap any old photo so that you can use it in a pinch, and never mind any unfortunate reflections:

Riley1.jpg(Sorry about the icky shoes. Days like today require orthotics.)

There. Problem solved. A salsa-free picture of Riley. And my plan worked so well that the feature photo above was even taken after lunch!

Anyway, about the sweater: Amy Christoffers designed it, and the pattern appears in the Summer 2018 issue of Pom Pom Quarterly. It’s worked in a garter-stitch stripe; you start with the lower band, pick up stitches for the front and back panels, sew the shoulders together, and pick up stitches to finish the sides with vertical stripes. It’s a lot of fun to do, but easy enough for social knitting. It was designed in Berroco Corsica, a cotton/cashmere blend that I would have liked to try. But I looked all over the interwebs, and the cream color was sold out everywhere, which suggests that the world and its wife might be knitting this sweater. I wanted to keep the light color combination, since so many of even my summery sweaters are dark and neutral, so I ended up using Berroco Modern Cotton, a pleasant cotton/rayon blend that feels good even in quite warm weather.

And that’s my Saturday. I hope you’re having fun, too!









4 comments on “Riley Goes to Santa Fe, Plus a Photo Tip

  1. Who wouldn’t get salsa on their clothes? Your jumper is lovely, and probably would be even with a salsa addition 😉.
    I’m with you on crowds – can’t stand them any more.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I always get the flautas at Mucho Gusto. I’m sure they have other tasty things, but the flautas … And being an enthusiastic eater/talker/waver-about of cutlery (which sounds better than “messy”) I get lunch tracks down my front no matter what I eat. Which is why I usually have am scarf or shawlette with me – either as a bib or as a cover up afterwards.

    Having seen Riley in progress, it’s lovely to see it properly shown off in Santa Fe. It’s a really nice piece.


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